France Objets Trouvés Lost Property desk
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France Objets Trouvés est un service qui permet à ceux qui ont perdu un objet d’être mis en relation avec ceux qui l’ont trouvé.

Features designed for users and agents

Lost Property desk features have been designed to respond to Lost Property Offices daily operations. Therefore, the platform has been tailored to cater services for various business types, always focusing on providing the best customer service.

Lost Property desk is available on the Internet, constantly updated, and does not require software installation.

Main features

Lost Property desk assists Lost Property Office Agents in their daily operations. However, the decision to return an item always remains theirs. Main features include:

Lost and found property listings creation
Manual and automatic search in the database in order to match listings
Owner notification
Return decision made by the Agents so that they can overrule the platform
Management of non-returned items (transmission, destruction, donation…)
Printing of standard documents (lost and found property forms, transmission form…)

End Users benefit from a 24/7 access and can create listings at any time. Main features include:

Lost property listings creation
Partial search of matching listings in the database (depending on the settings)
Access to Lost Property Office contact details
Access to practical information sheets

Functional modules

Lost Property desk standard setting can be customised with functional modules in order to match business processes. Functional modules include:

Content customisation and white label
Translation to another language
Rights management for Agents and users
Statutory retention period management
Implementation of multi-Lost Property Offices
Deactivation of search results
Finder handover