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Lost Property desk

Lost property management says a lot about your customer service

Lost Property desk reunites owners with their lost property, by connecting them with the finder or Lost Property Offices. Both benefit from a shared nationwide database that collects listings from all parties involved.

Lost Property desk enables public-oriented organisations to turn their Lost Property Office into an efficient customer service.

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Lost Property desk

Lost Property desk is composed of two platforms:

A collaborative platform on which individuals create Lost or Found listings that potentially match one another. Our advanced matching algorithm allows users to search our entire nationwide database with confidence.

A software suite (SaaS) for Lost Property Offices from local governments or organisations that manage significant number of users or visitors, and therefore lost and found property. Lost Property desk allows them to address their end users with a client-oriented platform and to manage found property efficiently.

Who is it for?

Public-oriented organisations often consider the Lost Property Office as a cost centre that needs to be addressed. Handling lost property is therefore seen as a constraint and this mission is often a low-level priority.

Lost Property desk enables public-oriented organisations and local-government bodies to turn legacy Lost Property Offices into an added-value customer service. It benefits the organisation, the members of staff and the end users that see their requests handled efficiently.

Lost Property desk is tailored for leisure parks, festivals, sporting events, shopping malls, public services, museums, bus, coach and railway companies, train stations, airports… in fact, all public-oriented organisations.

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How much does it cost?

Lost Property desk standard setting is available to organisations with a significant number of lost and found items. Additional functional modules are also available to customise Lost Property desk.